Be with someone who doesn't make you feel worthless. Someone who will love you despite your imperfections. Someone who's always proud to have you.

Be with someone who will love you whole-heartedly. Someone who will give you undivided attention. Someone who respects you for who you are.

Be with someone who is responsible enough. Someone who thinks of his future with you. Someone who plans and builds his dreams with you. 

Be with someone who loves you as much as he loves his family. Someone who sees his future with you. Someone who looks forward to having his own family with you in the future.

Be with someone who accepts all your flaws. Someone who can still love you despite your craziness. Someone who has all the patience for you.

Be with someone who can resist to temptations. Someone who can stay faithful to you even when you're not around. Someone who is always proud to tell other girls that he's already committed to you.

Be with someone who always brags you to other people. Someone who's proud to tell the world that you are his girl. Someone who loves you no matter what other people say.

Be with someone who will always fight for you. Someone who stays no matter how rough things might get. Someone who will go with you through thick and thin.

Lastly, don't love someone who walks away and leave you hanging every time you argue. Don't choose someone who comes back, choose the one who never leaves.

4 ulasan:

  1. Baiklah jika begitu...
    Noted all.

  2. sangat agree kak uyul :D

    And one more.. be someone who wants to go Syurga Jannah with you :)

  3. auuuuuu.... suwittt angattt... 💖💖💖💖

  4. semoga dipermudahkan urusannya ya uyul cantik


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