POPULAR NEW FEATURES TO REVOLUTIONISE YOUR HOME | Hi. Whats Up gais. Did you know, with the advancement of technologies, we are reaping the benefits for our homes to live comfortably and convenience. There are some household items that has been upgraded and revolutionised from tighter security to high tech gadgets to maximize storage and ease of use.

 Apart from being highly functional, most of the gadgets and appliances are designed to match and cater for different house designs. Either they come in different colours, shapes and sizes but they are definitely designed to suit your Forest Woods luxury home or humble HDB flat. Here’s how you can revolutionise your home.

1.       Installing digital lock

Digital lock – for your house makes you feel like you’re accessing to your high end secret room by scanning your thumbprint or key in passcode. There are different ways for your access to be granted – biometric, keypad, RFID and Bluetooth, such flexibility. Besides tighter security, the digital lock is a convenience, you won’t have to carry bulk of keys out, don’t have the need to worry if you misplaced your keys anywhere or getting stolen. While you’re on vacation, you can set a specific timeframe to restrict access from anyone. One of the thoughtful features for the digital lock is there is an application for smartphones. It will send notifications to you when there is someone failed the authentication or track anyone who and when has returned home.

2.       Open concept kitchen

These days improving and upgrading the house is all about space efficient for airy and spacious living. Now the trending features for these spaces efficient is open concept in kitchen. The popular features inclusive bar top and island which eliminates the social barrier but enhancing the social bonding with family and friends. It also enhance the aesthetic luxurious look to your Forest Woods condominium.

The worry with open kitchen is often the cooking smell that will dispersed to other parts of the house. But, younger couple these days preferred to do light cooking or cook lesser so this wouldn’t be an issue for the younger couples. Although open concept kitchen cost more due to wall hacking but it does enhance the lighting and space efficient. Dining tables can double up with converting the bar top to a table. Check here for small spaces open concept kitchen.

3.       Rain shower

The trend is here in your bathroom, the rain shower, that’s to give you the feeling of showering in the rain and feeling refreshed after. Rain shower’s spread head is usually larger than the handheld spray but the water flows from shower rain is often steady, wider coverage and gentler droplets. Most of the rain showers come with additional handheld shower head for users to switch to their preferences. There are plentiful of shapes and designs with multiple materials and finishes available such as steel, chrome and brass to suit your preferred palate design. Of course, different materials and finishes come with different prices but definitely it adds the touch to your shower room, giving you tranquillity and relaxation.

4.       Smart refrigerators

Smart refrigerator usually comes with a programmed to detect types of food, ingredients or products stored inside it. Best part is smart fridge keeps track of the stock inside and notify you to replenish stocks. Don’t worry if you ever run out of milk and eggs. Smart fridge also known as the internet fridge, it comes in handy when you needed cooking recipes with the food, ingredients or stocks left in the smart refrigerators, speaking of meal planning. You can even keep track of your food expiry by scanning the barcode without you lifting your hands to open the refrigerator door. On top of that, there are custom settings that’s suit to your preferences like adjusting the cooling settings, deodorization or energy saving functions.

5.       Walk-in closets

The lady of the house’s happiness comes from walk-in closets, though trendy as it seems for decluttering and getting rid of the extra stuffs. It has been the trend for the lady of the house to design and build walk-in closets of their dreams. However, it is not expensive as there are plenty of custom made built-in wardrobes and drawers to store clothes, shoes etc. It keeps the house neat and clean with proper storage and it can be custom made according to the number of drawers or wardrobes and conveniences.

6.       Bamboo wood flooring

This natural surface covering natural is a trend that elevates the elegance and vibes of the house with its light colour. Also, known for the durability and stealth strong but with a properly harvested un-carbonized bamboo, it can be as hard as the red oak. On the pricing side, it’s a price that is the same level of most hardwood floors. The easy maintenance bamboo wood flooring only requires vacuum and sweep off the small particle debris. Occasionally, you will need damp mop to the bamboo flooring.

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