LAZADA ELECTRONICS FAIR SALE KEMBALI LAGI | Salam. Wah wah wahhhh! Lazada buat sale lagi korang. Kali nih Lazada Electronics Fair Sale kembali lagi untuk tawaran yang lebih hebat. Korang klik link ini sekarang >>>

Lazada's Yearly Electronics Fair ini akan kembali dari 27 sehingga 29 Ogos dengan tawaran diskaun sehingga 90%! Pelbagai jenis barangan elektronik ditawarkan weyh! Banyak gila! Siapa siapa nak beli handphone tu, jangan ketinggalan dapatkan pada jualan besar besaran ini.

Shake & Win up to 4,000 vouchers from 22 to 26 August, to save while you shop only on Electronics Fair!

1 – Download and log in the Lazada app.

2 – Stay on the homepage and shake daily 22 to 26 August during the three time slots! [10am till 10.15am, 2pm till 2.15pm, 9pm till 9.15pm].

( Terma dan Syarat boleh Klik Sini >>>>

The Electronics Fair will include exclusive offers from international brands such as:

Xiaomi, Asus, Harman, Philips, Logitech, HP, Midea, Panasonic, Acer, Oppo, Apple, A&S, Skyworth, TCL, GoPro, Sharp, Gstore, Wowphone, Senheng, Electrical Shop, Kengdim,ThinkCom, NBP, Desa Home, Atcetera Solution and Mono Digital

Need more reasons to shop during Lazada’s Electronics Fair?

Get your money's worth with daily flash sales 4 times a day, throughout 27-29 Aug!
Additional savings up to 20% off with more than 2,500 exclusive vouchers up for grabs!
Free shipping and 0% installment available!

Penghantaran percuma, barangan elektronik yang murah dan berbaloi. Baucer diskaun pun banyak. Apa tunggu lagi. Jom lahh shopping korang! Menyesal tak beli pada waktu promosi macam nih tau.

Last but not least: Lazada Live TV and social media contest!

Look out for exclusive prizes giveaways from brands such as Xiaomi, Asus, Harman, Philips, Logitech, or HP and Lazada vouchers up to RM300:

25th August on Lazada Instagram.
26th August on Lazada Facebook.
28th on Lazada Live TV.

Lekas install apps Lazada di smartphone masing masing.

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