When it comes to space, people are usually angling for more square footage. It is easy to pine for a larger space when you have a small one. However, with the extra space comes its own layout and decorating challenges.

Most of the time, a house for rent in Malaysia, especially in the suburbs have large living spaces, in contrast to apartments in the city center. Whether you’re living in a large loft in the city, or have a living room with high ceilings, or you simply just have a lot of space to fill, these ideas below can help you on your way to adding some coziness and comfort to your large space.

1. Place tall potted plants strategically

Vertical height in rooms can be hard to tackle. You can’t be expected to out and purchase a whole new set of taller furniture just to match your taller living space. Instead, you can fill in the vertical height by strategically placing a few tall potted plants. It is a cheap and easy way of adding some interest to the higher and barer parts of your tall room. As long as your space gets enough light to support plant growth, you really can’t go wrong with a tall houseplant. As a bonus, you get plenty of extra oxygen and greenery in your space!

2. Paint two-tone walls

While taller furniture and houseplants are a great way of drawing the eye upward and accentuating high ceilings, sometimes your space just needs to be grounded. Paint your walls a two-tone color, with one color only part of the way up. This creates a cozier feeling and can trick the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower than they actually are.

3. Swap your coffee table for an ottoman

Larger spaces mean that there will be more empty space between your furniture. Try reducing the distance between the sofa and the coffee table to make your space feel less empty. Do away with the traditional coffee table, opt for a large upholstered ottoman instead. This will close the gap between your seating arrangements while adding softness at the same time.

4. Round out your seating plan with a pair of benches

Tuck a pair of small benches, or a long large bench in front of the media center or mantle to add some visual clutter (the good kind) to your space. Or you could choose an empty spot in your space to add these versatile little seats. Not only can they function as extra seating, they are also good footstools and side tables!

5. Use a daybed as a room divider

If you have a really large living room space, you may wish to have more than one seating area. While it is easy to separate two areas, why don’t you add a daybed (or a chaise lounge) in between these two separate areas to keep the flow between them. Although it divides and conquers, it ends up uniting them as well.

6. Define zones with a console table

Another option for sectioning off and separating your living zones is to float your sofa in the middle of the room and place a console table behind it. Not only does this give you extra surfaces for storage, it hides the boring back of your sofa.

7. Add coziness with a screen

With a large, open space, you may want to section it off to create a more cozy and intimate area. Decorative screens serve this purpose well. A fully opened, or even a partially folded screen placed behind your sofa can block views and create the impression of a smaller space without stopping the flow. If you have the budget, splurge for a lacquered screen to bring an oriental taste to your space.

8. Get a sexy sectional

Big sofas are well suited to large spaces. Consider getting an L-shaped sofa or sectional that just engulfs the room. You can even use it to divide living and dining spaces if you have an open plan space. Not only does it become a show piece and the focal point of your space, it screams comfort.

9. Use occasional chairs

Another great use of surplus space in your large living room is to house a few extra chairs. Add a couple of arm chairs on either side a console table is a traditional look that fits in well to any space. These chairs are not just decorative though, they are functional as well, as they can be put to good use when you have a large group of guests over.

10. Fill wall space rather then letting it stay dead

The best idea, as mentioned above, is to pull your furniture off the walls and further into the center of the rom. This creates a cozy seating arrangement. The trouble with this is, it leaves a great deal of bare space on the wall. However, don’t let this dead space go to waste. Fill it up with artwork or furniture instead. Consider adding a console table against the bare wall with a couple of square stools tucked beneath it. Or even devoting one whole wall in your room to artwork by hanging them all from floor to ceiling. Whatever the case may be, don’t let any space go to waste.

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