When doing a search via Setia Alam Property. The results consist of various houses and limited amount of condos. Renovating a house can be a challenging but rewarding experience. However, when it comes to the best way to spend your renovation dollars, consider what will have the most impact on your home value. The renovation will cost you a pretty penny, but if you do it right, they will bring you a significant return when you sell your home.

With the help of professional contractors, your home renovation project could be on the way to accomplishment in no time. Before calling in the contractors, however, there are some things worth considering in your home improvement efforts. The following is a list of some things that you want to address even before you contact the professional home improvement firm.

The kitchen seems to have replaced living rooms and family room in the last decade as the heart of a home. It seems to have become "the place to be". Renovating a kitchen can range to changing the counter tops and fixtures to a full overall complete with new floors, cabinets and appliances. Because kitchen usually suffers the most wear and tear, they seem to become dated faster than any other room in the house. Any investment you make in your kitchen to make it appear modern and current will bring a great return on your investment.The average interest on investment for a kitchen remodelling is 102%.

Another great renovation project to consider is the remodelling of a dated bathroom. A bathroom that is up to date will make your home look like it's been kept in good repair. While the average bathroom remodelling may put you back around $10,000, you will recoup all the money and more when you sell your home. However, if money is a little tight, consider just replacing the water fixtures and accessories for a fresh look. The average return on the property for a bathroom remodelling is around 100%.The renovating bathroom can be quite challenging be it for a residential or commercial establishment. This is because many factors determine choices made for a perfect bathroom renovation. Choosing right tiles is the first thing to come in your mind while making a checklist for the same. There should be a hint of aesthetics and resourcefulness in making a choice amongst many flooring options. Porcelain tiles in or ceramic, stone finish, etc. all these options were given will help you re-design your bathing area like never before. 

Buyers with families will tell you, one bathroom is not enough! Adding a second, or even third, bathroom to your home will have a very positive impact on potential home buyers. Is space is limited, consider adding a powder room.

Outdoor living has regained popularity in the few years, and the trend is to create outdoor rooms. Building or extending a deck will instantly increase the living space of your home and will only have required a small investment. It is estimated that the average home owner would recover about 85% of the cost of a new wood deck.

Another high impact renovation project is finishing the basement. Adding extra living space to your home will greatly impress potential buyers, especially if your home is on the small side. Think of creating a family room, an office or an extra bedroom in the basement. This project will greatly impact the overall value of your home.

Before placing your home on the market, a good overall freshening might be in order. Paint is an inexpensive way to brighten up any room and make it more current. Also, consider replacing dated or broken door knobs and fixtures. Updating light fixtures for more modern ones will also quickly update your home without costing you a lot of money. Aside from altering the ambience in your bedroom, repainting your ceiling is also very affordable. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before calling the contractors. First of all, check your ceiling to see what kind of surface you are working with. You should also think about trimmings that you would like to add such as new lighting fixtures or moulding on the edges. Think about the total design scheme you are going to use for the entire room. Keep in mind that the paint colours and designs you choose for your ceiling will have to complement the rest of the room or any new trimmings. Once you have decided on the details, start consulting with your contractor.

The next thing to consider is the budget. How much is your budget limit for this kind of renovation? As a rule of thumb, any major house renovation should be thirty percent (or lower) of your home's real estate value. Third, consider the contractor. To avoid experiencing the horror stories of abode improvement, choose contractors who are known for their trustworthiness. So, once you've resolved all these concerns, you can then start your renovation project.

A good rule of thumb when renovating is not to try to make your home the best on the block. To properly recover these home renovation investments, make sure you keep an eye on your neighbourhood. No matter how spectacular the final results of your remodelling, if you try to push your home's value beyond 25% of its current selling price, you probably will not get it. Remember that overspending on materials and finishes may end up hurting you in the end as you be overpricing your home.

As a general rule of thumb, double the amount you think you need to spend and double the amount of time you think it's going to take. This may give you a closer figure to the final budget than your original figures, and if you end up spending less, then that can only be a good thing to your profit. Finding a property for sale that is in need of renovation can be a hard task, but finding the best property at the right price is an essential part of property development.

Once you have calculated all your costs, and factored in the profit you are looking for, then you have a fair idea about how much you can spend on a particular property. For more information regarding on how to renovate your property, go to property site PropertyGuru

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  1. I just bought a new house and going to move there soon. I don't have any idea to renovate it to make it better. After three or four years later maybe i consult some professionals to advice me on renovation.

  2. info yang bagus. dapat dijadikan panduan bersama

  3. renovation means $$...know the cost before you proceed.. ;)

  4. kalau rumah besar,budget besar,small matter je #yuyulcantik
    ~ Kisahsidairy~

  5. Good info..tgh pkir nk renovate rumah nih

  6. Good info..tgh pkir nk renovate rumah nih

  7. Do some research and survey before proceed with the reno works. Appoint a qualified designer for second opinion coz reno cost a lot of money. By the way, good info uyul. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I have a friend, she's been renovating her house at Shah Alam for several years already. Not much, but got many other side problems. Not to mention she has to keep changing the contractors too. So, just imagine all the money she has to waste just to hire different contractors when the old ones were gone missing....LOL.

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  9. ada bajet besar memang seronok buat renovation rumah :)

  10. You can research reviews of their work on social sites like Facebook or Angie's List, or check on the Better Business Bureau's website.
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