SHOULD YOU INVEST IN TRAVEL INSURANCE? | Traveling right requires that you cover your basics extensively if you want to have a good time during the entire affair. Naturally, this means preparing a proper itinerary, making the right travel reservations, and ensuring that you have a wardrobe that’ll only enhance your comfort during your trip.


Where does getting this policy fit into your plans? Now, if you’re already on a budget, you might not see much sense in splurging on a resource that may or may not turn out to be helpful in the end. While this line of reasoning has its merits, we’re here to tell you it’s inherently flawed! What’s more, we believe that no trip is complete without having this plan. Some reasons you should seriously consider getting this coverage before leaving your comfort zone is that it;

1. Protects You In The Event Of Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellations can happen at any time and without warning. Because of this, it is difficult to account for this variable, if not outright impossible! As a result, if you want to make sure that your hard-earned money doesn’t go up in smoke because of something that isn’t in any way your fault, you need travel insurance coverage. It ensures you get compensation if a trip cancellation springs up due to any number of surprising reasons.

2. Covers You When Travel Delays Happen

One common headache when it comes to traveling is unexpected delays or layovers. What’s more, you could bleed a lot of money here because airlines expect you to foot the resulting bills personally. However, when you have travel insurance, it will cover everything, from accommodation to feeding costs, for you!

3. Insures You For Medical Emergencies

Your primary health insurance is excellent and all. However, you need to know that it loses much of its efficacy once you go on a trip. It isn’t to say that it becomes completely useless. But, if you don’t correctly complement it with travel insurance, you might get stuck paying humongous bills from your pocket. With travel insurance in tow, you’ll be able to afford an emergency medical evacuation comfortably, should the need ever arise for that.

4. Covers You For Lost Luggage

There are few things scarier than getting to your destination only to find out that your precious luggage didn’t make the trip with you somehow! Without a valid travel insurance policy, you might run out of money, trying to replace essentials you already had. But, with travel coverage, you won’t have to pay for the same thing twice! Once it’s been established that your luggage is lost, your travel insurance will kick in and reimburse you for all that you’ve lost.


The best place to get this for Malaysians is with the Compare & Buy tool on With this feature, you’ll be able to weigh your options fast and settle for the right one with ease!Check out their video below:

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